Pete is the only candidate in this race that sees this election for what it is: a battle to define the next era in American politics. This isn’t just about the next four or eight years – it’s about the next forty to eighty years. Pete Buttigieg has the experience, record of service, and vision that is required to not only lead this country – but also to defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box.

The contrast between Pete Buttigieg and Donald Trump couldn’t be clearer. Pete is the antithesis to Trump: a millennial concerned about the long-term future of the country and one who aims to unite, not divide

Trump avoided serving in Vietnam under dubious claims of “bone spurs.” Pete honorably answered the call to serve. Trump has cost countless workers their jobs, scammed thousands of hardworking Americans through “Trump University,” and recently had his family foundation shut down by the state of New York. Pete presided over a period of growth as South Bend’s mayor, rose wages for city employees, ordered paid parental leave, and won re-election with over 80 percent of the vote.

There is no better advocate for the LGBTQ community than a member of the LGBTQ community. LGBTQ Victory Fund exists to increase the number of out LGBTQ elected officials at all levels of government because representation matters.

In the Democratic primary, Pete’s historic candidacy has elevated the conversation on LGBTQ issues and raised the bar for what it means to support equality for all LGBTQ people. As America’s first openly gay President, Pete Buttigieg will continue to inspire LGBTQ people at home and around the world as he fights for our equality — all while living his life out and proud.

Recent polls show Americans are ready to elect a gay president. In June 2019, Bospar PR released a survey showing 69 percent of Americans would vote for a gay president.

In October 2019, Pete for America released the most comprehensive plan for LGBTQ Americans of any candidate in the Democratic primary. When enacted, Pete’s plan will:

  • ban “conversion therapy” nationwide;
  • end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030;
  • require health insurance companies to provide gender-affirming care;
  • allow a third gender option on U.S. passports;
  • ban unnecessary genital surgeries on intersex infants and children;
  • launch the We Belong National Mentorship Program for LGBTQ young people;
  • and MUCH more!

Read the full plan at https://peteforamerica.com/policies/lgbtq/

Pete needs your help to deliver strong victories in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. This election will be won on the backs of volunteers who knock doors, make phone calls, and send text messages to supporters and undecided voters. Go to https://peteforamerica.com/take-action/ today to plan a trip to an early state, or volunteer from home!

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