President’s Advisory Council

The mission of the President’s Advisory Council is to assist the Victory Fund & Victory Institute with identifying, cultivating and soliciting leadership donors to support our work. These members are ambassadors for the organization representing Victory and work to secure the critical financial resources necessary to identify, train and support LGBTQ+ candidates running for public office.

If you are interested in joining the President’s Advisory Council, please contact Seth Schermer by calling 202.567.3305 or email


Richard Hartgrove – Austin, TX

Michael Cox – Houston, TX

Chris Erickson & Joseph Zoellers – Miami, FL

Kyle Ferari – San Antonio, TX

John Michael Gonzalez – Houston, TX

Fred Hochberg – Miami Beach, FL

Kim Hoover – Miami, FL

Chris Kehoe – San Diego, CA

Christine Quinn – New York, NY

Tony Siress – Austin, TX

Joy Tomchin – New York, NY

Scott Widmeyer – Glenford, NY