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Bigoted anti-trans ad released by NC Gov. Pat McCrory

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is using transphobia as a weapon in his increasingly desperate attempt to hold onto the governor’s mansion. In a disgusting and bigoted ad, McCrory implies transgender people are likely to commit sexual assault if allowed to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity and expression.
In the ad, a woman who identifies as a sexual assault survivor says she was “horrified” that “President Obama and Roy Cooper [who is running against McCrory] want to force school children to share the same locker room, shower, and restroom with somebody who claims [to be] the opposite sex.” The fear-mongering ad does not reference the nationally criticized anti-trans HB2 law in North Carolina, which was signed by McCrory and proved a disaster for the state’s economy.
HB2 passed the North Carolina state legislature when no openly LGBTQ lawmakers were serving in the body. Victory Fund research shows anti-LGBTQ legislation is much less likely to be introduced when there are openly LGBTQ state lawmakers.
Fortunately, openly lesbian former Navy captain and Victory-endorsed candidate Jane Campbell is running a strong campaign in North Carolina, and has made repealing HB2 and securing voting rights two of her main priorities. If North Carolinians elect Jane in November, they will have a strong voice for LGBTQ equality in the state legislature. 

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