Lorena Austin

Arizona House of Representatives, District 9

Spotlight Candidate

Lorena will be the nation's first out gender non-conforming Latina elected to a legislature!


Lorena Austin is a 5th generation Arizonan whose lifelong love for advocacy and leadership has been rooted in Mesa for almost a century. For over twenty years, Austin’s grandparents owned and operated Albert’s Market in Mesa, which served all residents including minorities residing in segregated neighborhoods. They were well known in Mesa for serving on community boards that advocated for equity and inclusion. Her father went on to become a small business owner and civil rights attorney, known for building relationships and creating community organizations. Lorena currently works alongside her father in hopes of continuing the advancement of communities in Mesa.

While Austin’s father’s family has deep roots within Mesa, Lorena spent part of her childhood living with her mother in central California. There, Austin’s family experienced financial hardship that resulted in living in Section 8 housing for a period of time while her mother returned to school to complete her degree in Social Work. Lorena’s family worked hard to ensure Lorena and her siblings were taken care of to the best of their abilities. This desire to work comes from both sides of her family as both her father’s and mother’s family include farm workers. It is this strong work ethic to get things done for her community that drives Lorena today.

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