Marisabel Cabrera

Milwaukee County Circuit Court, Branch 43


Marisabel would be an important voice for equality on the Milwaukee County Circuit Court!


Marisabel’s extensive experience and her pursuit of equal justice for all make her exceptionally qualified to serve on the Milwaukee County Circuit Court. Since 2007, she has practiced law both as a solo practitioner and worked at multiple law firms as an immigration rights attorney in Wisconsin and Florida. In her law office, Marisabel often encounters confused and panicked individuals with extremely difficult and desperate circumstances. Despite this, she is able to offer solutions by staying calm, asking relevant questions, and analyzing the facts. Marisabel has kept families together and helped people find safety in the United States by remaining objective and rational in the face of high stress pressure filled situations.

As part of her work at Florida firms, Marisabel drafted federal litigation briefs involving naturalization applications and removal order appeals. Additionally, Marisabel trained new associate attorneys as well as managed a criminal defense department focused on litigating post-conviction motions and appeals based on procedural errors in the state trial courts that resulted in pleas entered without prior warning of possible deportation consequences. Prior to practicing immigration law, Marisabel worked at Centro Legal in Milwaukee representing individuals with misdemeanor charges who did not qualify for public defender representation but also could not afford private counsel. A graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Michigan State University School of Law, Marisabel clerked for a judge of the 30th Judicial Circuit Court Family Division in Michigan, reviewing the trial record, researching the applicable law, and drafting legal memoranda and court opinions. She also interned at Legal Aid of Central Michigan where she worked on issues relating to family law, housing, public benefits, and consumer protection.

Currently, Marisabel is also serving her third term in the Wisconsin Assembly. As a State Representative, Marisabel’s priority is to collaborate with her colleagues to advance positive and proactive policies that give all Wisconsinites a fair shot and an opportunity to thrive. Marisabel has served as the Vice Chair of the Immigration Task Force of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators, Chair of the Milwaukee Delegation of Democratic State Legislators, and Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee. Further, appointed by the Mayor of Milwaukee in 2013, Marisabel served six years as a Fire and Police Commissioner where she reviewed citizen complaints as well as presided over employee appeals relating to hiring and disciplinary decisions. In each case, Marisabel impartially applied rules and legal standards to the specific set of facts and rendered judgment accordingly. Marisabel’s vast experience would make her a valuable asset to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court.