Cara Schulz

Burnsville City Council

Cara is a critical voice for equality as the only out LGBTQ+ person on the Council!


Cara is a United States Air Force veteran, author, and small business owner running for re-election to Burnsville City Council. She believes government should work harder to actively involve residents in their own governance. She knows the best solutions for the challenges Burnsville faces comes from residents who live and work here. During her time on council she has successfully found ways to return power back to residents. She championed Food Forests, which help reduce food insecurity by planting edible plants, trees, and buses on public property. She set up a citizen’s task force to completely rewrite the entire city code, putting it into easy to understand language with an eye to equity. Currently, she is implementing Participatory Budgeting, which gives residents direct power over budget allocations in their neighborhoods. Although Cara wants citizens more involved in local government, she feels government has become too involved in peoples’ personal lives and businesses. Her general rule is, “If what you’re doing isn’t harming anyone else, we shouldn’t use your hard earned money to monitor, measure, or restrict your activity.”