Lupe Conchas

Glendale City Council, Cactus District

Lupe will be the first out LGBTQ+ person on the Glendale City Council!


Lupe Conchas is a dedicated public servant and the current School Board President in the Alhambra Elementary School District. As a first-generation college graduate, Lupe has a unique story of overcoming challenges, including experiencing homelessness as a teenager. Now, he is not only a leader in education but also a small business owner in Glendale. Lupe is committed to addressing the everyday issues faced by the residents of the Cactus District, from water and housing to safety and infrastructure projects. With a background in small business ownership and non-profit advocacy, he brings a multifaceted perspective to the race. Lupe is determined to amplify every resident’s voice, ensuring a more inclusive and prosperous
future for the community. His campaign is a testament to his unwavering dedication to public service and his community.