Patricia Contreras

AZ House of Representatives, District 12

Patricia will be one of the first out Lesbian Latinas elected to the Arizona legislature!


Patty is a committed public servant with over 31 years experience in municipal government. She recently retired from the City of Phoenix where she provided programs, services, and information to seniors and people with disabilities. Patty will be a voice for seniors.

Patty is a public education advocate. As a sister of two public school teachers, Patty knows the need for fully funded public education is crucial. She will advocate for increased teacher pay, reducing class sizes, and will put the needs of students first.

Patty will be a champion for the environment. As an Arizona native, protecting the environment is one of her top priorities. Patty will work to mitigate the effects of climate change and look for fair policies that will provide sustainability for Arizona’s limited water resources.

Patty also believes voting should be accessible to all eligible Arizonans. She volunteered as a poll observer and helped with Election Protection in previous elections. Patty supports a person’s right to choose and will fight for immigrant and LGBTQ rights in the Arizona State Legislature/

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