Imani Barnes

Georgia House of Representatives, District 86

Imani will bring important representation to the Georgia legislature!


After George Floyd was murdered, Imani wanted to know how her city government would address the current events. When she searched for the Tucker City Council meeting agenda online, she saw the city council members’ photos. None of them were people of Color. At that moment and after attending many council meetings, Imani decided to run for city council. She has a love for scientific research and has been working in biomedical research for over 18 years. 13.5 of those years, she has worked as a research scientist at Emory University. She earned her BS in biology and chemistry from HBCU South Carolina State University, her master’s degree in public health, and is a public health PhD candidate working on her dissertation. Imani Barnes is a Public Health professional, youth development coach and parent advocate. She wants to serve as the Georgia House District 86 Representative because she recognizes the need for inclusion that reflects the interests of the districts families, businesses, and underserved populations. We deserve leadership that can relate to the needs of our growing community and will articulate those concerns to obtain quantifiable results. Voting rights, giving youth outlets to engage outside of athletic activities, addressing the inflated cost of living associated with lack of affordable housing, and as a woman of color and member of the LGBTQ community, Imani empathizes with citizens’ concerns and understands that the success of our district’s future depends on inclusion of the unique heritage of our residents.

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