Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Oregon Secretary of State

Game Changer

Jamie will be the second openly LGBTQ statewide elected official in the state of Oregon


Born in the Midwest, Jamie McLeod-Skinner lived in East Africa as a child, where her mom taught and her classmates included Ugandan refugees fleeing Idi Amin’s regime. Jamie witnessed the impact of war and the resiliency of the human spirit. When her family returned to the US, they moved to southern Oregon where she graduated from Ashland High School.

Jamie came out as a young adult and has spent her life in public service, empowering underrepresented communities and bringing them into the political process.

Twice elected to Santa Clara City Council, Jamie led the city to adopt protections for the transgender community and enhanced environmental protection standards. She held local and regional leadership roles in economic development, ethics, housing, and sustainability.

In 2018, Jamie inspired people in Oregon and across the US with her run for Congress (OR-2). She proved we can bring people together around our shared values when you show up and engage communities in problem solving.

Jamie is well qualified to be Oregon’s Secretary of State. She has been a city planner, environmental planner, and elected city councilor. She has degrees in engineering (RPI), regional planning (Cornell), and law with a focus on environmental and Indian law (U of O). Jamie is an elected Board Member of the Jefferson Education Service District and an appointed Board Member of the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.

A rural Democrat, Jamie and her wife, Cass, live in Terrebonne, OR.

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