Sarah Malega

Lake Worth Beach City Commission, District 1


Sarah will continue to be an important voice for equality on the Lake Worth Beach City Commission!


Sarah Malega is a long time successful business owner, she and her wife, Dawn are foster parents and take many under their wings and into their home. After starting a business in Lake Worth Beach in 2010, she soon bought a house where she Dawn made the city their home. Sarah has served on the COMPASS Stonewall Ball Host Committee for over 6 years, volunteered at Pride festivities and fought against discrimination after she married her wife when the State of Florida would not change her name legally. In 2018, Sarah ran for City Commissioner against a long time incumbent who challenged the legality of her last name because she was married to a woman and took Dawn’s last name, Malega. Malega would be above his name on the ballot, thus he challenged and lost the challenge but he won the election by a little over 230 votes. However, the community again asked Sarah to run in 2021 and this time she was victorious with a win where she received 1200 more votes than the incumbent. Lake Worth Beach is home to Pride of the Palm Beaches Gay Parade and Celebration as well as COMPASS, the LGBTQ Community Services Center. The City is proud to raise the Progressive Pride flag yearly and the City Council declared it a safe community for the LGBTQIA+ community. Since coming into office, Sarah has brought in a LGBTQ Liaison for city employees, city residents and business owners. In addition, pro-nouns are available on City employee badges and the HR Department is the process of creating policies that align with the HRC Corporate Equality Index. When re-elected Sarah will continue to fight for equity and equality for all including reproductive rights to choose!