Matthew Park

Knox County Commission , District 9

Spotlight Candidate

Matthew will be a strong voice for LGBTQ+ equality in the South!


Matthew is an executive at a technology consulting company focusing on generative artificial intelligence, healthcare, and cloud technology. Prior to starting his career in the technology industry, Matthew was an EMT at Rural Metro (now AMR), cementing his passion for our first responders. Matthew co-founded ChangeTN, a progressive political action committee, in 2020 with Drew Dison to advocate for progress across Tennessee and support candidates running for office. Matthew and his husband, Jordan, live in Island Home Park, where he is President of the Island Home Park Neighborhood Association (IHPNA). As President of IHPNA, Matthew has focused on supporting sustainable growth within the character of South Knoxville’s neighborhoods, advocating for bank preservation along the Tennessee River, and building working relationships with neighborhood partners and those investing in the community. In his non-profit work, Matthew is Vice-President of the Two Bikes Board of Directors. Two Bikes is a nonprofit based in Knoxville that focuses on promoting the benefits of bicycles, diverting bicycles from landfills, and creating youth workforce development opportunities that pay youth a living wage. Matthew is a board member of the Friends of Downtown Island Airport (FODIA) where he continues to advocate for improved public access, STEM facilities, the creation of a public park, and reducing noise in and around Downtown Island Airport.