Devon Reese

Reno City Council, Ward 5

Devon will continue to be an important voice for equality on the Reno City Council!


Devon is the youngest of eight children; Carson City-born, Reno-raised, and 100% Battle Born!
His dad was a postal janitor and mom a nurse. Devon’s brothers and sisters mostly still live around here, and are teachers, medical professionals, and casino workers… there are seven of them!
Devon has three beautiful children and a wonderful husband. He met our children’s mother, Emily, in college. They were married until 2009, and friends from then until she passed away from cancer in 2018. Devon’s husband Felipe is an adoptive dad to the kids and a wonderful father. He served as a United States Marine for eight years including a tour of duty in Iraq. He later received his teaching degree from the University of Nevada, Reno but put that work on hold to help raise the children.
Devon is an attorney and does a lot of work in employment law representing working men and women. He’s mostly a litigator, meaning he spends a lot more time arguing in front of a judge or jury than most lawyers. Devon also does a lot of pro-bono and volunteer work for the the Domestic Violence Resource Center and other nonprofits. Devon loves to debate. He was a State Debate Champion at McQueen High School and through college and law school after that. When his children started high school at McQueen he learned that the debate program was stalled, so he restarted it. That was six years ago and he continues to coach today.