SK Rossi

Montana House of Representatives, District 82

SK will be an important voice for equality in the Montana House of Representatives!


Rossi is running to represent HD82 in the Montana House of Representatives because they believe government should treat people fairly and honestly. Throughout their career, Rossi has focused on issues such as criminal justice reform, housing and homelessness, protecting constitutional rights, LGBTQ+ equality, increasing healthcare access and provider rates, and reproductive freedom among other issues. They plan to bring this same passion to the law making process in the halls of the Montana State Legislature.

Rossi has spent over 20 years in public policy and advocacy. Most recently, they started their own public policy firm, Central House Strategies, LLC, in August of 2020 in order to better provide support for non-profits and other organizations as they pursue their programmatic and policy goals.

Prior to their work at Central House Strategies, Rossi was previously the Director of Advocacy and Policy for the ACLU of Montana and served as the Legal and Public Policy Director for the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Through their work, they have built relationships across the political and ideological spectrums and in a multitude of private and public sectors. Rossi earned both a Juris Doctorate and the Burton K. Wheeler Award for personal integrity, courage, and independent thought from the University of Montana School of Law.