Taylor Sappington

Nelsonville City Auditor

Taylor was the first out LGBTQ+ auditor for Nelsonville!


Taylor Sappington is a 31 year old, lifelong Ohioan from his hometown town of Nelsonville, Ohio.

He was raised by a hard working class single-mom in a trailer on a hillside. His Appalachian upbringing instilled in him a sense of hard work and the difference between right and wrong. Sappington attended school at Nelsonville-York City Schools where he graduated. He put himself through undergraduate studies at Ohio University in Athens.

After university, Sappington was elected with the most votes in a 5 way race for City Council where he worked tirelessly on the City’s ethics, policies, and finances. His first legislative accomplishment was a balanced budget ordinance that mandated balanced budget proposals from administration with the City’s most vital and endangered funds.

After a full term on City Council, Taylor beat a 5 year incumbent for City Auditor on the promise to balance the books and beat corruption. Following the discovery of missing city emails and financial records, Sappington began an investigation on day one that eventually led to the largest theft and fraud bust in City history. The former Deputy Auditor used access to cash, payroll, and income taxes to steal hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for years. She was discovered within 8 weeks of Sappington beginning the term.

Taylor has worked tirelessly to get City finances to a place where residents could be proud and trust where their money is going. City finances are now online, operated in the cloud, in surplus, and audited. Under Sappington’s award-winning leadership, the City has returned to strong surpluses and accountability in government. Taylor is running for re-election as City Auditor to continue fighting for change, honesty, and against corruption.