Taylor Sappington

Athens County Treasurer

Taylor will be an important voice for equality as the Athens County Treasurer!


For the last four years, I’ve served as Nelsonville City Auditor with a commitment to balancing the books and catching the crooks. I believe in doing the right thing, not the easy thing – and as City Auditor, my duty is to hold others to the same standard. Now I’m running for Athens County Treasurer so that I can continue to serve our community. I was lucky. I didn’t grow up in a cynical world where politics was divisive and dismissed. I was raised on care and compassion. I was taught that public service is the right and honorable thing to do.

I want to maintain the sense of community that is so special here in Athens County, the spirit that together we can face any challenge and overcome any obstacle. When I became City Auditor, Nelsonville was in the red. We were teetering on financial disaster. Deficits were killing jobs and stopping our city from growing. On day one, I found financial records and emails that were illegally wiped, beginning an investigation into what would become the City’s largest theft and fraud bust ever, just 8 weeks on the job. Today, we are in the black with a $1 million surplus and the community is growing stronger every day. As Athens County Treasurer, I will bring that experience to the whole county to help our community grow and thrive. As Nelsonville City Auditor, I was an early advocate of the Athens County Land Bank because affordable housing must be a priority for our county. As Treasurer, I will continue to support the efforts of the Athens County Land Bank to renovate and revitalize old or abandoned properties with the goal of giving everyone in our area an opportunity to call the place they live home. I’m enormously proud to be in this race and to serve in leadership.