Vered Meltzer

Appleton Common Council, District 2


Vered will continue to bring important representation to Appleton!


Vered Meltzer has represented District 2 in Appleton, WI since 2014. He was the first known trans man to be elected to public office in Wisconsin. While serving on Council for the past 8 years, he has helped to legalize backyard chickens, pass a local ban on conversion therapy, dramatically improve the city’s HRC score, establish a taskforce on climate change and resiliency, and support public health efforts to fight the pandemic. Representation matters, and Vered hopes to inspire younger people in the community to be more civically informed and engaged. Having a seat at the table matters too, and Vered strives to make sure that underprivileged voices are heard and the needs of vulnerable community members are prioritized. He volunteers with a local queer anti-violence organization, and serves on the Board of Directors for Rainbow Over Wisconsin, The Marigold Mile, and Pollenablers Fox Cities. In 2015 he received the FAIR Wisconsin Madison Leadership Awards Community Advocate of the Year award. In addition to serving on City Council, Vered also gardens and makes art and works for a local literacy organization and loves cats.

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