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Colombia elects first openly LGBT member of Congress

Angèlica Lozano Correa was elected to Colombia’s House of Representatives on Sunday, becoming the first openly LGBT candidate ever elected to the country’s Congress.

Lozano, who ran as a member of the Green Alliance Party, garnered over 30,000 votes in her bid to represent the capital region of Bogotá. As a former lawyer, city councilwoman in Bogatá, and mayor, she has been an advocate for LGBT and woman’s rights throughout her career.

Recently, Lozano collaborated with the Victory Institute during the planning and implementation of the organization’s work in Colombia. She was a member of the Advisory Committee for the Institute’s first international training in May 2013 in Bogotá, Colombia, where she discussed her life as an LGBT elected official and activist. She also participated in a public event that ran concurrently with the training alongside Victory Institute President & CEO Chuck Wolfe.

Lozano’s election means there are now 13 senators and 7 representatives that are LGBT or allies of LGBT policies within Colombia.