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Danica Roem becomes DLCC spotlight candidate

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee has named Danica Roem one of its spotlight candidates for this cycle.

The Democratic group devoted to statehouse races highlights Danica as a “trailblazing” candidate as an openly trans woman taking on an anti-LGBTQ incumbent who proudly calls himself Virginia’s “Chief Homophobe.”

The DLCC calls Danica an “innovator on jobs and economic development” who could flip the long-held Republican seat in a district Hillary Clinton won in last year’s presidential race. The DLCC considers Danica’s district critical to flipping the Virginia state house this year.

Danica’s opponent in November’s general election is “Bigot Bob” Marshall, the author of a so-called “bathroom bill” and a long-time villain to LGBTQ Virginians. Victory Fund endorsed Roem as a spotlight candidate back in April.

Danica’s campaign has received a groundswell of grassroots support. Last month, Danica raised 20 times as much money as Bigot Bob, and it came from more than 1,000 donations compared to just 27 for Marshall.

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