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Danica Roem outraised primary competition headed into election

Danica Roem raised more money than all three of her Virginia House of Delegates primary competitors in the last two months, with more than 1,000 small-dollar donations flooding in.

Danica raised more than $39,000 in April and May, with a large portion of that money coming from 1,064 individual donations under $100. Her nearest competitor gathered only 216 donations under $100.

Danica is running to become the first openly transgender state legislator in the U.S. She is already making history as the first openly transgender candidate for any office in Virginia.

In addition to having the best fundraising numbers in the 13th District race, Danica’s April and May fundraising numbers are also among the highest in all contested primaries for the Virginia House of Delegates. She was second across the entire state in small-dollar donations. The average donation to her campaign was $34.68.

“We’re doing this the right way,” she wrote on Facebook. “The progressive, grassroots way.”

Danica’s primary is June 13.