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Gay lawmaker’s repeal of Florida gay adoption ban becomes law

The Victory Fund and Institute today congratulated Florida State Rep. David Richardson for his role in protecting gay adoption rights.
Richardson, Florida’s first openly gay state lawmaker, introduced the amendment that removed the statewide ban. The amendment was attached to House Bill 7013, which provides incentives to increase the Florida adoption rate.
Republican Gov. Rick Scott signed the bill into law on Thursday, repealing the almost four-decade adoption ban on lesbian and gay parents.
“This is a momentous day and an important advance for civil rights,” said Richardson in an interview with The Orlando Sentinel. “It’s also great news for children who will be adopted into loving homes.”
Gay Florida residents have been able to adopt since 2010 when a state appeals court ruling stopped enforcement of the ban, but Richardson’s amendment formally removed the 1977 ban from Florida statutes. It will take effect on July 1.
The importance of electing openly LGBTQ lawmakers is clear today in Florida. “Who would have guessed I would be the one here to repeal a law that so personally affected me?” Richardson said.
“This is an important victory for LGBTQ Floridians, and we’re proud that the effort was spearheaded by the only openly LGBTQ lawmaker in Tallahassee,” said Aisha Moodie-Mills, president and CEO of the Victory Fund and Institute. “Out officials like David Richardson are on the front lines of these legislative battles across the country, and we will work hard to support them and increase their numbers, especially in places like Florida where the LGBTQ community enjoys few legal protections.”

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