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Historic Number of LGBTQ People Elected to U.S. House; LGBTQ Pickups Helped Strengthen New Democratic Majority

As of 6pm ET today, eight openly LGBTQ candidates have won their races for the U.S. House and one will head to a recount – ensuring a historic number of openly LGBTQ candidates in the U.S. Congress next year. Three of the LGBTQ candidates won seats currently held by Republicans, one won in a key swing district held by a retiring Democrat, and four were incumbents. U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin won a resounding reelection in Wisconsin and Kyrsten Sinema’s race for U.S. Senate in Arizona remains too close to call.

“An unprecedented rainbow wave of LGBTQ Congressional candidates helped strengthen the new Democratic majority, flipping three seats and securing eight seats in all,” said Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund. “LGBTQ candidates won over independents and even Republicans to win in some of the most competitive districts in the nation, proving out LGBTQ candidates can secure big wins in tough places. With more LGBTQ candidates in the U.S. House than ever before, we have the opportunity to finally pass equality legislation too long ignored.”

“There was hand-wringing among some politicos about whether LGBTQ candidates would provide the best opportunity for Democrats to pick up seats in red districts. Instead we saw LGBTQ candidates talk openly about their lives to a degree unseen in past elections – and it resonated with voters. We tripled the number of LGBTQ women members of Congress, doubled the number of LGBTQ people of color and increased our overall number of LGBTQ members from six to eight. And we played a key role in securing a pro-equality Congress. America needs authentic, values-driven elected officials in the halls of power right now and voters found those qualities in our out LGBTQ candidates.”

LGBTQ Victory Fund raised more than $235,554 for its endorsed LGBTQ U.S. House candidates and more than $366,000 for its U.S Senate candidates this cycle. It also contributed $50,000 to an independent expenditure to help elect Senator Baldwin.

Below are the LGBTQ Congressional candidates who have won their races so far. Incumbents are italicized. Additionally, openly U.S. Representative Kyrsten Sinema’s race for U.S. Senate remains too close to call and Gina Ortiz Jones’ race for the U.S. House will head to a recount.

Congressional DistrictCongressmember or Congressmember-ElectPolitical AffiliationPolitical Affiliation of Current Member
CA-25Katie HillDemocratRepublican
CA-41Mark TakanoDemocratDemocrat
KS-3Sharice DavidsDemocratRepublican
MN-2Angie CraigDemocratRepublican
NH-1Chris PappasDemocratDemocrat
NY-18Sean Patrick MaloneyDemocratDemocrat
RI-1David CicillineDemocratDemocrat
WI-1Mark PocanDemocratDemocrat

Currently there are six openly LGBTQ members in the U.S. House and one openly LGBTQ U.S. Senator. Twenty-two openly LGBTQ candidates won Democratic or Republican primaries for U.S. Senate or U.S. House this year – more than at any other time in U.S. history. Twelve of the candidates were endorsed by Victory Fund. The unprecedented number of nominees marks a 29.4 percent increase when compared to the 2016 election cycle and a 340 percent increase since 2010.

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