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Katie Hill Defeats Anti-LGBTQ U.S. Rep. Steve Knight; Becomes First LGBTQ Congresswoman from California

Washington, DC – Openly LGBTQ candidate Katie Hill won her election tonight, becoming the first openly LGBTQ women elected to the U.S. House from California and just the second openly bisexual person ever elected to Congress. Hill defeated anti-LGBTQ incumbent U.S. Representative Steve Knight, who opposes marriage equality and supported legislation to allow discrimination against LGBTQ federal employees. Victory Fund made Hill one of its “Game Changer” candidates, held fundraisers on her behalf, directly contributed $6500, and raised more than $12,700 for her campaign.

“Katie ran a fierce campaign and told it like it is – calling out the sexism and anti-LGBTQ sentiment that too often pervades our politics and policies,” said Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund. “Katie’s authenticity resonated with voters, who chose an out bisexual woman over an incumbent who attacked the LGBTQ community to enflame extremist voters who thrive on division. But tonight it is clear that hate is no longer a viable political strategy in any corner of California and that voters demand a values-driven agenda focused on solutions. Katie will join a historic number of LGBTQ women in the U.S. Congress next year and together these women will transform the conversation in Washington, DC.”

So far, eight openly LGBTQ candidates for Congress have won their elections, three of which are women – a historic number. One Congressional race, with openly LGBTQ candidate Gina Ortiz Jones of Texas, remains too close to call.

Live Election Night Results: Victory Fund is live-tracking the election results for 225 of its openly LGBTQ endorsed candidates. The latest updates can be found at

Rainbow Wave by the Numbers: LGBTQ Victory Fund released several reports on the unprecedented Rainbow Wave of openly LGBTQ candidates who ran for office during the 2018 election cycle, including one reporting on the total number of candidates who ran, another looking at the total number of candidates by state, and one analyzing Congressional and gubernatorial nominees.


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