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Matt Heinz picks up key endorsement from the Arizona Republic

Openly gay candidate Matt Heinz, running for Arizona’s 2nd congressional seat, picked up a key endorsement from his state’s largest newspaper, The Arizona Republic.
The profile praised Heinz’s “wide scope” of expertise issues while also maintaining a focus on topics that matter in his district. As a longtime defender of LGBTQ rights, Heinz fought to defeat same-sex marriage bans as a state lawmaker. In the Department of Health and Human Services, Matt Heinz was instrumental in educating LGBTQ families on new healthcare options available as a result of the Affordable Care Act.
But the endorsement made clear that Matt Heinz’s fight has been for the rights of all Arizonans, not just the LGBTQ community. His work at a VA hospital taught the doctor about issues facing the state’s veterans. While a state lawmaker, he cut red tape preventing poor working women from receiving treatment when diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer.
The Arizona Republic put it best when they noted his work as a doctor and public servant “has given [Heinz] the opportunity to talk to a cross-section of Arizonans and gain invaluable insight, especially on health-care issues and about economic hardships.”
Matt Heinz’s congressional campaign is one of Victory’s Spotlight Races in 2016. The doctor would be the state’s first LGBTQ member of Congress and one of the few but increasing number of out leaders on Capitol Hill. Matt Heinz has a history of fighting for LGBTQ healthcare, and his personal experience on the issue would make him an invaluable voice in for all LGBTQ people.
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