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McCain’s daughter urges GOP to embrace gays

Meghan McCain, daughter of GOP presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, calls anti-gay sentiment among some Republicans “un-American,” adding, “I am determined to build a more-inclusive GOP not by making us sound more inclusive, but by doing it.”  In her Daily Beast column, McCain admonishes her party to embrace the idea of personal freedom she says is at the heart of the push for marriage equality:

Personal freedoms are what makes this country the greatest country in the world. And just like the civil-rights and feminist movements before this, the movement toward gay equality and gay marriage is one I have absolute faith will triumph over prejudices. Moreover, I believe the Republican Party has, at this moment, the opportunity to come forward and play an instrumental role in securing gay rights. That’s why I’m speaking at the Log Cabin convention and couldn’t be prouder to be doing so. And yes, I’m still a Republican. Get used to it.