The Agenda

Tea Partiers no fans of marriage equality

As Tea Party protesters gather in Washington, D.C., a New York Times/CBS News poll published today finds the movement’s participants are disproportionately older, white, male and overwhelmingly opposed to marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Just 16 percent of respondents who consider themselves part of the Tea Party movement said they support same-sex marriage, with 40 percent saying gay couples deserve no legal recognition whatsoever.

Other fun facts:

59 percent of Tea Party folks have a favorable opinion of FOX News’ Glenn Beck, while just 18 percent of overall respondents do.

53 percent say they’re “angry” at the way things are going in Washington.  Only 19 percent of the general population say they’re angry.

73 percent say they are “somewhat” or “very conservative,” compared to 44 percent of the general population.

52 percent think “too much has been made of the problems facing black people.”  Only 28 percent of all respondents agreed.