The Agenda

Victory’s Minneapolis candidates advance through party endorsement process

This past weekend, Minneapolis’ Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) party held their endorsement conventions for wards 1 and 8. Participation at these conventions continued to exceed expectations as two more Victory candidates fought for the endorsement. Because of their campaigning and organizing, Spotlight Candidate Andrea Jenkins won the DFL endorsement in Ward 8 and Victory-endorsed Jillia Pessenda blocked the endorsement of her opponent in Ward 1.

Andrea won the DFL endorsement in Ward 8 without any opposition. In 2009 and 2013 every city council candidate who secured the DFL endorsement won their election. The DFL provides their endorsed candidates with fundraising connections, staff support and party data. Andrea’s will face a Green Party candidate in November’s general election.

In Ward 1, Jillia blocked incumbent council member Kevin Reich from receiving the DFL endorsement. In the hotly contested convention, Jillia won every round of voting with more than 190 votes. However, no candidate received the 60 percent of the vote, which is required to secure the DFL endorsement.

This is another sign that Jillia’s campaign against a two-term incumbent is going very well. Kevin secured the DFL endorsement in his two previous city council elections. Because she blocked the endorsement, Jillia will be able to competitively campaign through the general election.

Last weekend, Victory Fund Spotlight Candidate Phillipe Cunningham blocked the DFL endorsement for the president of the Minneapolis City Council.

Support our Minneapolis candidates Phillipe Cunningham, Andrea Jenkins and Jillia Pessenda so they can represent our community and fight for LGBTQ equality at the local level.