The Agenda

A chance to make history with today’s elections in Alaska

There are currently no openly LGBTQ elected officials serving in the entire state of Alaska, making today’s election in Anchorage a potentially historic one.

Two LGBTQ Victory Fund endorsed candidates – Felix Rivera and Chris Constant – are on the ballot for seats on the Anchorage Assembly. Wins for either would make them one of the first openly LGBTQ elected officials ever elected in the state.

Felix is deeply involved in city government, most recently working with the mayor’s office to address homelessness and community policing. This past weekend, his opponent targeted him with homophobic attack ads, which also included incendiary remarks about immigrants and others. Felix has dramatically out-raised his opponents and continues to run a positive, issues-based campaign. He would become the first openly LGBTQ Latino elected in the state if he wins today.

Chris Constant works to improve neighborhoods through infrastructure redevelopment and fought for Alaska to allocate $4 million to address homelessness. He plans to advocate for economic development, LGBTQ equality and other social justice issues if elected to the Assembly.

Elections in Illinois, Caucuses in Minneapolis

Also today, four endorsed candidates are up for election in Illinois. Jose Ramirez, Jeanine Reardon and Margaret Paul are running for positions in Berwyn, and Nick Kachiroubas is running for Town Clerk in Crystal Lake. All won their primaries and are running today unopposed.

In Minneapolis, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party is holding caucuses today for city council. Victory Fund candidates Andrea Jenkins, Phillipe Cunningham, and Jillia Pessenda all are seeking the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s endorsement.