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Governor Brown earns key endorsements

Oregon Governor Kate Brown earned four strong editorial endorsements this week, highlighting her statehouse experience and positions on key issues – including women’s rights and the environment. Brown’s record of accomplishment is finally getting the attention and kudos it deserves. Meanwhile her opponent, Bud Pierce, continues his slide in the polls.
A few weeks ago during a televised debate, Pierce suggested that only poor and uneducated women could be victims of domestic violence because “a woman that has great education and great training and a great job is just not susceptible.” The backlash to his controversial and ignorant comments has severely damaged his candidacy and the latest polling has him down 13 points.
In their endorsement, the Statesman Journal writes:
“Brown has shown that she can learn on the job: to focus her priorities instead of trying to do everything, and to recruit legislative champions to promote her ideas in the Legislature. Her personable nature is a tremendous asset. People — including her political opponents — like her, regardless of whether they agree with her.”
Additional endorsements for Gov. Brown come from The Oregonian, Williamette Week and The Daily Astorian.
If elected, Kate Brown would be the first openly LGBTQ person elected governor. 

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