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Jenny Durkan endorsed by the Seattle Times

Jenny Durkan has been endorsed as “by far the best candidate” for mayor by the Seattle Times, the largest newspaper in the state of Washington.

If elected, Durkan would be Seattle’s first openly lesbian mayor, and she’d be just one of two openly lesbian mayors in a major U.S. city.

The Seattle Times endorsement highlighted her “steady leadership, a decades-long resume of civic engagement, [and] pragmatic solutions for big Seattle problems.”

The Times lauded Durkan for her environmental leadership, her experience as the first openly lesbian U.S. Attorney, and her devotion to civil rights.

“Durkan is unequivocally the best candidate to be Seattle’s defender in Washington, D.C.,” the Times wrote. “In lieu of empty anti-Trump rhetoric, Durkan could use her federal experience and tenacious litigation skills to protect city interests.”

Voting in Seattle begins later this week, when ballots are mailed to voters. The first round of the mayoral election is August 1. The top two candidates will face off in the general election in November.

Polling suggests Durkan is one of the frontrunners in the 21-candidate race, likely thanks to her impressive qualifications the Times outlines in its endorsement and broad community support.

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