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Mark Takano takes key post on Veterans Committee

Victory candidate U.S. Representative Mark Takano of California last week became the ranking member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill.
Rep. Takano’s spokesman told that the congressman is meeting with fellow Democrats on the committee to talk specific goals. “[The] first priority is for the committee to continue its work at full-speed during this transition period,” he said. 
His spokesman said Takano is determined to work on veterans’ access to mental health care and support, avoiding privatization of the VA health system while still improving it, and making the VA accountable without violating employees’ due process.
Rep. Mark Takano was promoted to the position following the indictment of Representative Corinne Brown of Florida.
In his press release following the announcement Rep. Takano said, “I am humbled to assume the role of Acting Ranking Member of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, in accordance with the rules of the Democratic Caucus. I am committed to working with my colleagues to provide our nation’s veterans the care and support they deserve.”
Takano is the first openly gay person of color in Congress.