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North Carolina legislator comes out

Spurred in part by anti-LGBTQ legislation in his state, North Carolina Representative Cecil Brockman came out as bisexual in a Greensboro News & Record column by Susan Ladd.
Brockman hopes to bring visibility for the LGBTQ community in in the North Carolina General Assembly and to be a role model for LGBTQ youth.
“I want people to recognize that members of the LGBTQ community are your sons and your daughters, your aunts and uncles,” Brockman said. “You can’t turn away from those members of the community. It’s important for me as a black person to stand up for the black community, as well as stand up for the LGBTQ community.”
Brockman is running for re-election this cycle but doesn’t face an opponent. Victory Fund candidate Jane Campbell, who is running for North Carolina’s 98th House District, hopes to join Brockman in the General Assembly. 
Outgoing Rep. Chris Sgro had been the only current openly LGBTQ legislator in the state prior to Brockman’s coming out. 
Research shows that openly LGBTQ legislators are essential to blocking anti-LGBTQ legislation and promoting equality within state government. 

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