Our Candidates

We work to build long-term LGBTQ political power by helping elect LGBTQ leaders at every level of government.

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    Josh Boschee

    North Dakota House of Representatives
    North Dakota
    Josh will continue to be a vital LGBTQ voice.
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    Kelly Boyer

    Executive Council
    New Hampshire
    Kelly will be the first openly LGBTQ woman on the New Hampshire Executive Council
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    Eileen Duff

    Massachusetts Governors Council
    Eileen is the first openly LGBTQ person elected to a Constitutional office in Massachusetts
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    Michelle Palmer

    Texas State Board of Education
    Michelle will be the first openly LGBTQ member to the Texas State Board of Education
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    G. Helen Whitener

    Supreme Court Justice Position 6
    Justice Whitener is the first Black, openly LGBTQ, judge in the state of Washington