Our Candidates

We work to build long-term LGBTQ political power by helping elect LGBTQ leaders at every level of government.

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    Spotlight Candidate

    Liliana Bakhtiari

    Atlanta City Council
    Liliana will be the first out queer Muslim elected in Georgia history!
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    Willie Burnley Jr

    City Councilor
    Willie, along with his slate, will form the first majority-queer city council for the first time in Massachussetts history!
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    Tiffany Cabán

    New York City Council
    New York City, New York
    Tiffany will be one of the youngest council members in New York City!
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    Spotlight Candidate

    Christopher Coburn

    Bozeman City Commission
    Bozeman, Montana
    Christopher will be the first queer Black candidate elected in Montana history!
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    Charlotte Kelly

    Somerville City Council
    Somerville, Massachusetts
    Kelly will be the first queer woman to win an At-Large seat in the history of Somerville!
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    Nick Kor

    Minneapolis City Council
    Nick will be the first out queer Asian-American member of the Minneapolis City Council!
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    Rebecca Maurer

    Cleveland City Council
    Rebecca will be the first out LGBTQ+ woman elected to the Cleveland City Council!
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    Sheila Nezhad

    Mayor of Minneapolis
    Sheila will be the first openly LGBTQ Mayor in Minnesota
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    Alyssa Porter

    Jamestown City Council
    New York
    Alyssa will be the first out LGBTQ woman elected to serve Jamestown!
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    Game Changer

    Michele Rayner

    U.S. House of Representatives
    Michele will be the first out LGBTQ member of Congress from Florida!
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    Carmen Rivera

    Renton City Council Position 2
    Carmen will be the first openly queer Renton City Council member in history!
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    Danica Roem

    Virginia House of Delegates
    Danica will continue to break barriers and serve the people of Virginia!
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    Sarah Salem

    Poughkeepsie Common Council
    New York
    Sarah will continue to make history as the first out nonbinary elected leader in New York State!
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    Gabriela Santiago-Romero

    Detroit City Council
    Gabriela will be the first openly LGBTQ Councilwoman in Detroit!
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    Spotlight Candidate

    Vincent Solomeno

    New Jersey State Senate
    New Jersey
    Vincent will be the first out LGBTQ member of the New Jersey State Senate!
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    Sean Strub

    Mayor of MIlford
    Milford, Pennsylvania
    Sean will continue to lead Milford as a champion for equality!