Our Candidates

We work to build long-term LGBTQ political power by helping elect LGBTQ leaders at every level of government.

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    John Dugger

    Beaverton City Council
    Beaverton, Oregon
    John will be the first openly LGBTQ member to the Beaverton City Council
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    Kate Lieber

    Oregon State Senate
    Kate will be the first open lesbian member of the Oregon State Senate
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    Ryan Moore

    Eugene City Council
    Eugene, Oregon
    Ryan will be an advocate for the LGBTQ community on the Eugene City Council
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    Rob Nosse

    Oregon House of Representatives
    Portland, Oregon
    Rob will continue to be a strong voice for LGBTQ equality in the Oregon State House
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    Kori Rodley

    Springfield City Council
    Springfield, Oregon
    Kori will be the first LGBTQ member to the Springfield City Council