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Election Night 2017: Live Results for LGBTQ Candidates

We are watching 61 LGBTQ endorsed candidates’ races tonight and will bring you the results here live beginning at 6pm ET.

November 16, 2017 – 1:37pm ET

VICTORY for Nathan Jeffries, Spokane County Water District (WA): Nathan will be the only openly LGBTQ elected official in eastern Washington State.

November 13, 2017 – 10:37pm ET

VICTORY for Mitzi Johanknecht, Sheriff of King County (WA): Mitzi will be one of the only out lesbian sheriffs in the U.S. and will be an important LGBTQ voice in the greater Seattle area.

November 9, 2017 – 11:00am ET

While returns continue coming in, election results so far demonstrate LGBTQ political power is strengthening nationwide, and that transgender candidates are breaking down barriers like never before. Thirty-eight of 61 Victory Fund endorsed candidates won their elections, with four still undecided and one heading to a run-off – wins including historic victories by transgender candidates in school boards, city councils and the Virginia House of Delegates.

November 8, 2017 – 4:37pm ET

VICTORY for Phillipe Cunningham, Minneapolis City Council (MN): The results are in! Phillipe becomes the first trans man elected to Minneapolis City Council, joining Andrea Jenkins as the first trans city councilors for a major municipality. Phillipe and Andrea are both graduates of the Victory Institute Candidate & Campaign Training.

LOSS for Cathy Woolard, Mayor of Atlanta: Cathy’s loss is an unfortunate development in the hotly contested race for Mayor of Atlanta. Though the campaign surged in the final days and she exceeded all polling expectations, Cathy was one of eleven mayoral candidates and was unable to make it to the run-offs. As President of the City Council, Cathy was a champion for clean energy, public transportation, and sustainable development in low-income neighborhoods. We hope to see much more of her in coming cycles. The Independent Expenditure with Georgia Equality PAC and Victory Fund Georgia was an invaluable partnership and we look forward to electing Alex Wan as the first gay male President of the Atlanta City Council on December 5.

November 8, 2017 – 1:50pm ET

VICTORY for Lisa Middleton, Palm Springs City Council (CA): Lisa is now the first trans person ever elected to a nonjudicial position in the entire state of California. Lisa was a Victory Institute Empowerment Fellow in 2016 and attended the four-day intensive Victory Institute Candidate & Campaign Training in Charlotte, NC last year.

VICTORY for Christy Holstege, Palm Springs City Council (CA): Christy will be a voice for the LGBT community on the Palm Springs City Council.

VICTORY for Denise Simmons, Cambridge City Council (MA): Denise made history as the first Black, openly lesbian mayor in the country and will continue to be a pivotal voice in Cambridge.

VICTORY for Chris Wharton, Salt Lake City Council (UT): Chris will fight for LGBTQ rights in Utah.

LOSS for Kirk Rich, Atlanta City Council

November 8, 2017 – 1:22am ET

While returns continue trickling in, it has been an outstanding night for our LGBTQ candidates – many having broken down barriers or becoming historic firsts.

35 of our endorsed candidates won their elections so far – with 13 races too close to call or awaiting results.

Among the big wins:

  • Jenny Durkan will become the first openly lesbian mayor of Seattle and just one of two lesbian big city mayors currently serving;
  • Danica Roem defeated incumbent Virginia state Delegate “Bigot Bob” Marshall and will become the only out trans state legislator in the entire nation; and
  • Andrea Jenkins won her race for the Minneapolis City Council, becoming the first out trans person to win a council seat in a major U.S. city.

This will be the last update on the live blog for this evening, but we will keep you up-to-date as more returns come in tomorrow.

November 8, 2017- 1:05am ET

VICTORY for Patrick Wojahn, Mayor of College Park: Patrick will continue to serve as the mayor of College Park.

VICTORY for Dean Dafis, Maplewood Township Committee. Dean is the first LGBTQ elected official in Maplewood, New Jersey.

November 8, 2017- 12:55am ET

Alex Wan secured enough votes to be in the runoff on December 5. Alex will be the first openly gay, Asian American man elected president of the Atlanta City Council.

LOSS for Taylor Knuth, Ogden City Council.

November 8, 2017- 12:45am ET

VICTORY for Guyleen Castriotta, Broomfield City Council (CO): Guyleen’s election makes her the first openly lesbian member of the Broomfield City Council.

LOSS for Josh McNair, Fulton County Commission.

November 7, 2017- 11:40pm ET

VICTORY for Jenny Durkan, Mayor of Seattle: Jenny won her race and is the first openly lesbian mayor of Seattle! Currently, just one openly lesbian woman serves as mayor of a major U.S. city.

VICTORY for Nick Komives, Toledo City Council: Nick brings LGBTQ representation to the city council of Toledo, Ohio.

VICTORY for Zachary DeWolf, Seattle School Board: Zachary is the first openly LGBTQ member of the Seattle School Board.

November 7, 2017- 11:15pm ET

VICTORY for Peter Spadafore, Lansing City Council: Peter‘s victory ensures LGBTQ representation in Lansing, Michigan.

VICTORY for Paul Durham, Tuscon City Council: Paul‘s victory keeps LGBTQ equality present in the low-equality state of Arizona.

November 7, 2017- 11:05pm ET

VICTORY for Tamaya Dennard, Cincinnati City Council: Tamaya‘s victory ensures a voice for the LGBTQ community in Cincinnati leadership.

VICTORY for Chris Seelbach, Cincinnati City Council: Chris‘ victory continues LGBTQ representation in the Cincinnati leadership.

VICTORY for Ryan Messer, Cincinnati Board of Education: Ryan‘s victory ensures a voice for the LGBTQ community in Cincinnati’s Board of Education.

November 7, 2017- 11:00pm ET

VICTORY for Michael Góngora, Miami Beach Commissioner: Michael‘s victory makes him an important voice for the LGBTQ community in Miami Beach, Florida.

VICTORY for Amy Zanelli, Lehigh County Commissioner (PA): Amy’s victory makes her the first and only LGBTQ member of the Lehigh County Commission and a much needed LGBTQ elected official in Pennsylvania.

VICTORY for Jeff Harris, Westwood City Council: Jeff is the first openly gay man elected to the Westwood City Council.

LOSS for Nicole Castillo, Newton City Council.

LOSS for Darlene Rogers, Hamilton County Municipal Judge.

November 7, 2017- 10:35pm ET

VICTORY for Matthew Miller, Newton School Committee: Matthew‘s victory makes him the first openly LGBTQ election official in Newton, Massachusetts.

LOSS for Shannon Cuttle, South Orange/Maplewood Board of Education.

November 7, 2017- 10:30pm

VICTORY for Vernetta Alston, Durham City Council (NC): Vernetta will be an outspoken voice for social justice and the LGBTQ community on Durham’s City Council, and a much needed additional LGBTQ elected official in North Carolina.

November 7, 2017- 10:15pm

Victory for Richard Conti, Albany Common Council: Richard‘s victory ensures a voice for the LGBTQ community in Albany, New York.

VICTORY for Tyler Titus, Erie School Board: Tyler‘s victory makes him the first openly transgender elected official in Pennsylvania.

VICTORY for Ed Zipprich, Red Bank City Council: Ed‘s victory maintains LGBTQ presence in Red Bank, New Jersey.

LOSS for Don Guardian, Mayor of Atlantic City.

LOSS for Kristen Browde, New Castle Town Council.

LOSS for Joshua Brady, Mayor of Lebanon.

November 7, 2017- 10:05pm ET

VICTORY for Reed Gusciora, New Jersey State Assembly: Reed has won reelection and will continue to be a strong voice for the LGTBQ community in the New Jersey State Assembly. Victory Fund raised nearly $10,000 to help Tim Eustace and Reed Gusciora maintain vital LGBTQ representation in New Jersey.

VICTORY for Carol Becker, Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation: Carol‘s victory maintains an LGBTQ voice on the board.

November 7, 2017- 10:00pm ET

A photo with the Victory Fund crew and Danica Roem for her victory party in Manassas, Virginia. Watch her victory speech.

November 7, 2017- 9:55pm ET

VICTORY for Tim Eustace, New Jersey State Assembly: Tim’s reelection victory helps preserve LGBTQ representation in the New Jersey state legislature. Victory Fund raised nearly $5000 for Tim’s reelection, and he was instrumental in introducing pro-LGBTQ legislation throughout his last term.

VICTORY for Karen Stegman, Chapel Hill Town Council (NC): Karen’s victory adds a powerful voice for the LGBTQ community on the Chapel Hill Town Council.

November 7, 2017- 9:50pm ET

VICTORY for LaWana Mayfield, Charlotte City Council (NC): Our heroine in North Carolina, LaWana Mayfield, has just won reelection to the Charlotte City Council. LaWana has been instrumental in pushing equality conversations on the council and was key to passing the non-discrimination ordinance that sparked the HB2 backlash that received national attention. We are thrilled she has more years on the council.

November 7, 2017- 9:40pm ET

VICTORY for Nelson Roman, Holyoke City Council: Nelson‘s victory continues the LGBTQ leadership in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

November 7, 2017- 9:30pm ET

VICTORY for Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Council: Andrea is now the first openly trans person ever elected to the city council of a major U.S. city. She is one of an unprecedented number of trans candidates running this cycle – and making 2017 the Year of the Trans Candidate. This past May, Andrea spoke to us about her historic race and what she wants to accomplish. Watch that video here:

Victory Fund raised more than $4000 for Andrea’s campaign, and put staff on-the-ground leading up to election day to help put her over the top.

November 7, 2017- 9:25pm ET

LOSS for Dylan Schwartz, New York City Council.

November 7, 2017- 9:00pm ET

VICTORY for Michael Fenton, Springfield City Council: Michael‘s victory continues his position as an LGBTQ voice on the city council.

VICTORY for Alex Morse, Mayor of Holyoke: Alex‘s victory ensures the LGBTQ community a voice in the community of Holyoke.

November 7, 2017- 8:45pm ET

VICTORY for Lydia Lavelle, Mayor of Carrboro: Lydia‘s victory means she will remain the first openly LGBTQ mayor of North Carolina.

VICTORY for Lawrence Webb, Falls Church School Board: Lawrence‘s victory keeps a strong LGBTQ presence on the school board.

November 7, 2017- 8:30pm ET

VICTORY for Ben Allatt, Harrisburg City Council: Ben‘s victory is a win for equality in the Harrisburg City Council.

VICTORY for Corey Johnson, New York City Council: Corey‘s victory continues LGBTQ advocacy in the New York City Council.

VICTORY for Mark Levine, Virginia House of Delegates: Mark‘s victory secures LGBTQ representation in the Virginia House of Delegates.

November 7, 2017- 8:00pm ET

VICTORY for Danica Roem, Virginia House of Delegates: Danica’s race was one of the most closely watched state legislative races in the nation this cycle, and now she is the first openly trans person to win and serve in a state legislature. Danica defeated 25-year incumbent Bob Marshall – who Victory Fund coined “Bigot Bob” – and who proudly called himself the “chief homophobe” of the Virginia state legislature and introduced numerous anti-LGBTQ bills. He also continuously attacked Danica’s gender identity throughout the campaign – and purposely misgendered her in campaign literature and interviews.

Victory Fund was the first major LGBTQ group to endorse Danica and was instrumental in her path to victory in the primary, where she defeated three opponents. Victory Fund helped give the race a national profile, raised more than $200,000 for her campaign, and sent more than 20 staff and volunteers to help GOTV this last weekend and today.

Danica talked about her historic race to Victory Fund earlier this year:

On news of Danica’s victory, Victory Fund President & CEO Aisha C. Moodie-Mills said:

“Tonight voters chose a smart, solutions-oriented trans leader over a divisive anti-LGBTQ demagogue – sending a powerful message to anti-trans legislators all across the nation. Danica defeated ‘Bigot Bob’ Marshall not because she is transgender, but because she presented a positive vision for her constituents that will improve their lives. We are determined to replicate this race nationwide – using constituent-focused LGBTQ candidates to takedown elected officials who use their positions to target our community. Tonight was the opening salvo.”

November 7, 2017 – 7:10pm ET

As we await results out of Virginia, let’s take a peek at Minneapolis, where Victory Fund candidates Andrea Jenkins, Phillipe Cunningham, Carol Becker, and Jillia Pessenda are running. Turnout is up, however it is possible that results may not be known until tomorrow due to the first-time ever use of ranked choice voting for local offices. Could cause some upsets, and certainly seems to be increasing turnout.

November 7, 2017 – 6:13pm ET

As polls get ready to close at 7pm in Virginia, there are reports of long lines and increased turnout in Danica Roem’s Prince William County, which is also important to the statewide offices that are also on the ballot. Reports continue to come in of robocalls and texts to voters telling them their polling places have moved in an effort to suppress the vote. If you are in Virginia and aren’t sure of your polling location – confirm it here.

November 7, 2017 – 4:40pm ET

On the ground reports from Atlanta over the last couple days show Cathy Woolard with a surge in support, despite incumbent Mayor Kasim Reed’s attempt to suppress the vote by saying voters shouldn’t “waste it”  if they don’t vote for his chosen candidates. Every vote counts in this election, so supporters need to get out to vote asap. Victory Fund has its team on the ground in Atlanta working to mobilize voters, and is making hundreds of calls to Cathy supporters from our headquarters in DC.

Mayor Kasim Reed’s tweet aims to suppress voters interested in surging candidates like Cathy Woolard.

November 7, 2017 – 4:28pm ET

Two notes on Danica Roem’s race for the Virginia House of Delegates: It is dark and rainy in Northern Virginia – not ideal Election Day weather as it can impact turnout. But people in Danica’s Prince William County are steadily turning out – and the rain is dissipating as folks vote on their way home from work.

Additionally, the Prince William County NAACP said that some voters were receiving misleading calls telling them that polling locations have changed – THEY HAVE NOT! If you are in Virginia and aren’t sure of your polling location – confirm it here.

Victory Fund is on the ground in Virginia to help get out the vote for Danica Roem.

November 7, 2017 – 9:46am ET

Many LGBTQ-related story lines are emerging on Election Day 2017. Learn about some of the historic candidates we have on the ballot and incredible opportunities to break down barriers and build LGBTQ political power.

November 6, 2017 – 10:20am ET

Election night preparations are well underway at Victory Fund headquarters — so we can bring you live results of our 61 endorsed candidates on the ballot tomorrow beginning at 6pm ET.

Be among the first to know if Danica Roem becomes the only out trans state legislator in the nation. If Jenny Durkan is on-track to becoming the first lesbian mayor of Seattle. And if Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham become the first out trans people to sit on a major city’s council.

Tune in here beginning at 6pm ET on election night!

– Victory Fund, Political Department